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YouTube – Syrian Army Arrests Dozens of Terrorists – Press TV News

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YouTube – Syrian army arrests dozens of terrorists – Press TV News.

After leaving the southern city of Deraa, where the protests erupted seven weeks ago, units of the Syrian army continued chasing the remnants of armed groups in villages around the city and arrested dozens of terrorists in the operation.

In the recent developments, Syrian troops and tanks have entered the city of Banias to pursue armed terrorist elements. The Syrian TV aired what it called confessions made by terrorists in which the arrested people said they received support and money from the outside of the country.

Over the last two days, 11 security forces have been killed during clashes with militant groups.
Syrian Alwatan daily quoted a Syrian military source as saying that militant groups in the city of Banias used heavy weapons against the army.

Syria witnessed weeks of protests. The protests left scores killed including security forces and civilians. The Syrian authorities have blamed terrorist elements and militant groups for the killings.

Source: Press TV Press TV Mobile