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YouTube – in Memory of the Heroic Martyrs of the Islamic Revolution…Updated

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YouTube – In memory of the heroic martyrs of the Islamic Revolution…Updated.

When Imam Khomeini (rah) stepped off the plane onto the tarmac at Tehran Airport on February 1st 1979, many analysts predicted that the revolution would die down and the regime would collapse soon, in place of another friendly client state. Fast forward 30 years and Iran has been through an eight year war with Saddam’s Iraq (Iraq was backed by the USA, USSR, France, the UK, and most of the Arab countries) terrorism, espionage and US sanctions.

Yet not only does the revolution stand but with everyday that passes it grows stronger. It continues unabated by the bullying masonic powers, securing impressive achievements in all fields of science and technology, from nanotechnology and stem cell research, to cloning and nuclear research. To mark the 30th anniversary, the nation sent a satellite into space and expect to launch more rockets which will go farther than the current one. They also expect to send a manned mission into space at some point.

Despite being surrounded by the belligerent US army on all sides, her influence grows stronger everyday in the region and the world. The success of the heroic warriors of Hezbullah in southern Lebanon only strengthened Iran in her face off with Israel and, as Hezbullah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah himself noted, made the west think twice before launching what will be a disastrous attack on Iran. The democratically elected government in Palestine, led by Hamas, saluted Iran for her assistance during the recent atrocity in Gaza and their leaders were feted on their recent visit to Iran, much to the dismay of the impotent arab regimes in the region. Iran supports the anti-us ‘special groups’ in Iraq as well as building strong relations with her former opponent.

Iran is emerging as the leader of the non-aligned nations and is building strong relationships with the BRIC nations, the four fastest developing nations in the World. The forming of a ‘Gas OPEC’ with Russia and increased relations with China, India and Brazil are all indicators that Iran is by no means ‘isolated’ by the world.

The west watches impotently as Iran continues to grow and, as Seymour Hersh has reported, has resorted to funding and supporting terrorist groups inside Iran, such as separatist ethnic groups like the kurdish groups and the Jundullah terrorists in Sistan-Baluchistan.

These efforts, like all others, will fail and Iran will continue to resist the global arrogance of the Rothschild Empire. The Rothschild Aparthied state of ‘Israel’ will fall sooner or later, and Iran will continue to be one of the 5 nations in the world without a Rothschild controlled central Bank. Iran closed down all the Masonic Lodges in Iran after the revolution, under the direct orders of Imam Khomeini. For all sincere seekers of truth, we hope you understand what is at stake in these times and what Iran’s TRUE role is in all this.

Oh and for all the anti-islamic trolls who may wish to comment, it is time for you to grow up and wake up and see how your nations and your wealth are being looted in front of your very eyes. The Rothschilds and their agents like Bernie Maddoff are robbing you blind and, through their controlled media, are making you think we are the bad guys.