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Belgium Shia Mosque Bombing and the Salafi Threat – Press TV – INFocus

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A Salafi walked into a Shia Mosque in Brussels and threw a Molotov cocktail that killed a much respected Imam in March 2012. This is just one in a string of Salafi attacks around the world.

In Palestine, an Italian activist was killed last year.

In Egypt, sectarian violence has been stirred up.

Despite these attacks, the silence of Western countries and media outlets has been deafening in its lack of criticism. Salafis are largely supported by Saudi Arabia. Does this explain the lack of criticism in the West as the Saudi regime is one of its most important allies? On this week’s INFocus we travel to Belgium to investigate the most recent attack. We ask, what is behind Salafi attacks in Brussels and around the world? How are they connected to Saudi Arabia? And why is the West silent on the attacks?

Broadcast on July 23, 2012