Britain and the Kings of Arabia | #Daesh #ISIS #ISIL #Wahhabism #Saudi #Qatari #Takfiri #Bahrain

Press TV Documentary about the relationship between the British Government / Establishment and the Arab Sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf as well as the so-called “Saudi” and Bahrain regimes.

Extremely educational.

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A Message To #Takfiris – Curl Up And Die With Your #Zionist, #Saudi, #Turkish, #Qatari, #US, #UK Masters – Ilala Jaheem Ya #DAESH (aka #ISIS, #ISIL) – A #Promise

There’s not a lot that needs saying here.

Suffice it to say, Oh You Takfiri Fools, like your ancestors, the Khawarej, there is only one location you are destined for, and that is the bottomless pits of Hell.

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You Will Not Be Captured Again (Lady Zaynab(A)) – Documentary

Documentary on the Resistance against Takfiri (ISIS / ISIL / JAN / DAESH) Terror that threatens Damascus, and specifically the area of Sayyedah Zaynab(A). This documentary also outlines who the inhabitants of Damascus, specifically Sayyedah Zaynab(A) district in Damascus, protected … Read the rest

#Syria: #Intelligence and #Terrorism #Wars

This documentary takes an in depth look into a number of terrorist attacks and assassinations that have taken place in Syria in the recent years.

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Press Conference by the Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ramadhan Abdullah Shalah – #GazaVictory – August 26, 2014 1730GMT

Press Conference by the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ramadhan Abdullah Shalah on the occasion of the Victory of the Islamic Resistance in Palestine (Gaza) against the Israeli War Machine – August 26, 2014 at 1730GMT, Beirut, Lebanon… Read the rest

Syrian FM Walid al-Muallem Press Conference – August 25, 2014 – English Voiceover

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has warned the United States against carrying out airstrikes on the Takfiri ISIL terrorists inside Syria without Damascus’ consent.

He said at a news conference in Damascus on Monday that any such attack without the … Read the rest

#Yarmouk, #Damascus, #Syria – The Story of a #Palestinian Refugee Camp, Terrorists, War and Resistance

Press TV’s Aperture presents a documentary on the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee camp in Syria, which has been under siege from the so-called “revolutionaries” who are in reality al-Qaeda by another name.

The in-fighting between these terrorists has devastated an already … Read the rest


This documentary traces back the origins of Takfiris in Islam and elaborates on their objectives through interviews with senior Shia and Sunni clerics.

They shout “God is Great” when they behead, dismember, or flagellate other Muslims. They destroy mosques and … Read the rest

#ISIL (aka #ISIS, #IS, #DAESH) and its So-Called Caliphate: Israeli-US Tools to Divide Iraq

The following Global Research TV (GRTV) documentary looks at the crisis in Iraq, which is being used to divide Iraq, and examines the support that the US and Israel are providing for the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the … Read the rest