In this edition of The Debate1, Press TV has conducted an interview with Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Islamic scholar from London, and Jihad Mouracadeh, a political commentator in Beirut, to discuss the recent wave of attacks on Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia by ISIL (aka DAESH) Takfiri terrorists.

Two attacks within a week on Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province by ISIL (aka DAESH) have created feelings of widespread insecurity within the US-allied kingdom. While its own role in creating, funding, training, & arming ISIL (aka DAESH) is well-known, the violence has till now been largely concentrated outside its own territory. Now that the blowback many have warned about has begun, targeting soft & sitting-duck targets such as Shia mosques, rhetoric-filled Saudi policies will be ever-more closely observed.

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  1. This edition of the Debate was aired on May 29, 2015

Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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