This documentary examines the reasons for Hezbollah joining the War on Syria.  The documentary was originally broadcast in Arabic on the al-Mayadeen Channel in early 2016 and has since been translated and subtitled into English by The Middle East Observer in February 2017.

The film breaks a number of the myths surrounding the Syria War, and proves that all that has transpired in Syria is built upon a larger strategic ploy by Israel and the Western Powers to break the back of the Resistance Axis1.  Naturally, this ploy has failed, and such campaigns and schemes are destined to fail.  When the actual idea of the Resistance Axis/Bloc is understood, then the inevitability of such failure can be clearly understood.


  1. This Wikipedia article discusses the idea of the Resistance Axis – as with all Wikipedia articles be wary of relying on it as totally accurate.  I will at some stage publish an article on the idea of the Resistance Axis and what it actually means

Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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