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I recently had the honour of giving an interview to the Quds Online Magazine in Iran, this was subsequently translated into Farsi and featured on the front page of their “Bayt ol-Moqaddas” Magazine.

Bayt ol-Moqaddas Magazine - Issue 17- 4th Sha'baan 1438 / 1st May 2017

Bayt ol-Moqaddas Magazine – Issue 17- 4th Sha’baan 1438 / 1st May 2017 – Cover Page

The article (translated into Farsi) was published on page 5 of the magazine:

Bayt ol-Moqaddas Magazine - Issue 17- 4th Sha'baan 1438 / 1st May 2017

Bayt ol-Moqaddas Magazine – Issue 17- 4th Sha’baan 1438 / 1st May 2017 – Page 5

High-quality PDF images of the pages can be found at Bayt ol-Moqaddas – Magazine – Issue 17, as well as directly here: Cover Page | Page 5 (Actual interview)

The full interview in English can be found below:

Question 1

For two years, the Yemeni civilians have been targets of cruel attacks and airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition. Yemen’s Legal Center for Rights and Development, an independent monitoring group, has recently put the civilian death toll at 12,041, including 2,568 children and 1,870 women.

According to the United Nations, nearly 3.3 million people in Yemen, including 2.1 million children, are acutely malnourished because of the war and total siege imposed on them. They include 460,000 children under age of five with the worst form of malnutrition, who risk dying of pneumonia or diarrhoea.

Why is the international community so indifferent to the heinous crimes committed by the Al Saud regime in the Arabian Peninsula country?

There are many reasons that can be cited, sadly, as to why the international community seems to have adopted a catatonic stance vis-a-vis the Saudi onslaught on Yemen.  Amongst them, sadly, is the idea of economics – however, it should be pointed out that this is an invalid reason, and I will go into this shortly.

Another reason is due to alliances, and let’s not forget the strength of the Zionist lobby.  It is now an open secret that the family occupying Arabia – the Children of Saud – and the Zionist Lobby – both in the US and the UK, are actively lobbying the US, UK and United Nations and trying hard on lobbying various other countries across the globe in order to build their influence and the perception of legitimacy.

As a result of this lobbying, the fiscal strength and such means, the Israeli-Saudi lobby has a lot of influence.  I mean can you imagine any other way that the Saudi Regime would be placed on both on the United Nations Human Rights Council as well as the United Nations Women’s Affairs Council??  I mean to place the words Saudi, Human Rights, Women’s Affairs is comply oxymoronic and illogical.  After all, we have all read that according to some of the Wahhabi “Scholars” – Women do not possess a soul, and are not even human.

The world turns a blind eye to the crimes of the Saudi entity, the same way that it turns a blind eye to the Zionists crimes – be they in Gaza, in Lebanon or elsewhere – including the continual demolition of homes in Occupied Palestine, the illegal incarceration of innocents – including children, the constant state of siege on the Gaza Strip and the continued threats on al-Aqsa and many more besides.  The international community says nothing about these crimes – we only see some people and very few organisations speaking against this behaviour and nothing except token gestures from the UN.

The same is the case for the Saudi entity.  The UN is unable or unwilling to condemn it – but instead, it applauds it.  This is a testimony to the complete impotence of the United Nations.

Question 2

Certain Western countries are continuously claiming that they are champions of human rights. However, it seems that they are pursuing double standard policies on Saudi Arabia’s atrocities.

On March 10, 2017, the administration of US President Donald Trump approved the resumption of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia that critics have linked to Riyadh’s killing of civilians in Yemen.

Former President Barack Obama previously blocked the $1.15 billion deal after Saudi warplanes targeted a funeral hall in Yemen killing scores of civilians, provoking an international outcry.

How do you see the role of the US in the regime’s aggression against the impoverished Arab country?

The idea that the American Administration – irrespective of who is resident in the white house – is captive to the whims of the entire system (a system that sadly is broken, and that has lost its way).  

The fact that Mr Obama blocked one deal for warplanes following the bombing of the funeral hall in Sanaa, Yemen, doesn’t change the fact that while he refused to sell them a particular style of warplane, he had no problem given the Saudi Family all manner of other tools – as well as (and to quote the US Administration of the time) “tactical and logistical support”.

So really the US refusing to sell some warplanes – this is not a big deal, to be honest; it is a case of perception – following the bombing of the funeral hall – a clear and obvious war crime according to international law – the US is obliged to take some sort of remedial action.  But it was not sincere.

As for Mr Trump, well what can I say, Mr Trump is a trader.  A businessman.  He will sell even his own mother if the price was right.  The Saudis have money, the US needs money, Trump will sell to the Saudis.  It’s as simple as that.  Naturally, in order to sell the weapons he will have to make up stories, that contradict reality; but given the track record of Mr Trump, this is unsurprising.

Question 3

Since the start of its war on Yemen, the Saudi regime has failed to reach its objectives. In 2015, the kingdom had a record budget deficit of almost $100 billion, prompting it to rein in public spending in a bid to save money.

Why is the regime continuing its heinous attacks on the Arab country despite its failures and cash-strapped economy?

Now the problem that we face over here is one of pride.  This war on Yemen was the brainchild of Muhammad bin Salman – I mean let’s be honest “King” Salmaan couldn’t remember where he had sat down, let alone orchestrate a war.  This was young Muhammad’s baby.  The problem that Muhammad bin Salman now has, is that the war is lost.  It was lost the moment the people of Yemen stood firm against the invading forces – be they from the “Saudi” military or the 34 nation so-called “Islamic” military.  Or as I prefer to call the lot of them – Daesh in suites. Muhammad bin Salman has a major problem.  His first war is lost.  His projects in Syria and Iraq are on the way out.  His commitment to DAESH and al-Qaeda (and its various flavours, be it Nusra, Ahrar, or whatever name it is using this afternoon!), are proving useless.

It is for him an issue of pride.  He needs to win at least some war.  He needs to somehow save face.  Doing so in Syria or Iraq is now impossible – but that’s fine since he wasn’t overtly connected, only covertly through people wearing white helmets and carrying black flags.

In Yemen, however, he is being beaten with a people fighting in sandals.  He is losing with every child he orphans, ever wife he widows, every school he destroys.  He is falling into the same trap as the Zionists.

At this point, fear sets in, Muhammad bin Salman is aware that he has two choices.  Either force the issue of the war, keep bombing and killing, until there are no more people left in Yemen – because he knows that is the only way he will ever be able to occupy and control Yemen.  The other choice is the more honourable one, as taken by the Samurai when the are disgraced – to commit what is known as Seppuku when faced with complete dishonour.

As for why he continues to spend money he doesn’t actually have – where he puts his country into fiscal straits in order to service his own wanton desires.  This is simple.  He is merely following what his masters in Washington and London do.  If they run out of money, they simply print some more.

Question 4

Experts say that the UN has been playing a very destructive role by allowing Saudi Arabia, with the backing of the United States, England, France and other countries in the European Union, from waging a genocidal war against the Yemeni people. What do you think? Kindly explain.

The United Nations has been instrumental in enabling the Saudi regime, and not sanctioning its allies.  The UN has helped enforce the humanitarian blockade on Yemen – just like it did (and does) with Gaza and anywhere else that the veto-wielding members of the United Nations choose to have a problem with.

The fact that the result of UN inaction is the genocide of a people – be they Yemeni or Rwandan, Bosnian or Palestinian – is due to the fact that the UN has never, not even for one nanosecond been a force for good.  It has constantly failed to achieve its goals of nurturing peace and tranquillity and promoting good governance and peace, human rights and equality.  This is because, due to the veto, and this ludicrous idea of the five “permanent” members of this club, the fact that at least 2 of the 5 veto-wielding members are completely compromised.  It could have been even just 1 of the 5 are compromised.  Since that 1 member has a veto – then this is the problem.

The United Nations died the day it agreed to the establishment of the Zionist Entity and the Saudi Entity.  The day it said nothing when these entities conspired against the people of Iran, and immediately after their revolutionary act of overthrowing the Shah – who was a great friend of both Israel and the Saudi regime – these entities began their campaign of disinformation.  This is what they do.  But insha Allah they will not be doing this for long, because as we say; surely the dawn is near; and they (the enemy) see it is far, but we see it as near.

And from Allah alone is all Tawfeeq <3

Due to the length of this article, I have now decided to make a text-to-speech version available, so that it can be listened to as well as read, for the convenience of the viewer.

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