Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Middle East expert, believes the prosecution of top Bahraini Shia cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim, is “strategically a very big mistake,” adding that Saudi Arabia is aware that such a move will create problems in Bahrain, otherwise Riyadh would not have sent forces “to come and try to maintain law and order” in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.

“This is quite a concerning development because first of all you have the Saudi client regime of Al Khalifah who have been postponing this kangaroo court trial for Sheikh Isa Qassim and now I believe that they are going to do the trial tomorrow and the Saudis are very concerned because many people have said publicly and privately to Al Khalifah and also the Al Saud that Sheikh Isa is a red line, do not cross this red line,” Hassanally told Press TV in an interview1 on Saturday.

The complete interview can be found below:

Elsewhere in the interview, Hassanally, likened the position of Sheikh Isa Qassim to that of the late leader and founder of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini, warning that “those advising these … DAESH in a suite – Saudi Arabia … they need to read a little history if they really care to survive, but the problem with the enemy, with those who oppress, they become insane, they become irrational and they do stupid things which ultimately speed up their own demise …”


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  1. The interview was conducted on Press TV’s Top 5 program on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 11am (UK Time)

Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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