For nigh on 800 days, the Saudi War Machine – or shall we call it the “Arabic NATO”, or perhaps the “Arab-Islamic Army” – or better yet let’s call it what it actually is, DAESH in Formal Wear – has continued its relentless and indeed totally pointless onslaught on Yemen.

The original objective was to re-instate the twice resigned, unelected (well okay, so he was elected in a one-candidate election, so hardly elected but ho hum!) president of Yemen, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and his group of handpicked, not to mention corrupt Saudi-backed politicians that made up what was called his government.

In over 800 days, the Saudi war machine has failed to achieve this; however, what they have been remarkably successful in is mass murder.  In fact, they’ve been so thorough about their killing objective, that they even went out of their way to kill the already killed.  Just in case!

They have been remarkably successful in testing many weapons that even the Zionists wouldn’t dare test in Gaza or South Lebanon.  Weapons such as tactical nukes, biological weapons unleashing weaponized Cholera on the population, and countless types of chemical weapons including the much loved White Phosphorous.  Oh, what a beautiful white cloud of death it forms!

All of this weapons testing has been done with the full blessing and indeed logistical support of the British and American governments – irrespective of which administration was in play – be it Trump or the Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama.

Yemen - 800 Days of Genocidal War. #StopTheWarOnYemen

Yemen – 800 Days of Genocidal War. #StopTheWarOnYemen

Indeed but a few weeks ago, Mr Trump was so impressed with all the weapons testing that the Saudi-led DAESH-style mercenaries had been performing, he decided that he would relieve the Demented Saudi King of more of his lovely petrodollars and give them some more weapons – no doubt to test.  More than 430 BILLION US Dollars worth of weapons to test.

It is indeed fair to say that Mr Trump is indeed, working to “Make America Great Again”.  He’s got this trade situation right down to a fine art.  So here’s the deal:

  1. Go pander to the Saudis, make sure to take a blond with you that they can ogle over.
  2. Let them write your speech, and spew it verbatim, not doing any fact-checking, accepting all of it as gospel truth.
  3. Ensure that you speak violently and uncouthly against the only real and functioning democracy in the region, especially if it has just had elections with a popular turnout far larger than the one that you had for your election.  This is particularly important.
  4. Be sure to engage in what can only be described as a weird ritual with an orb and mood lighting, with the demented one, the evil one, the callous one and with you filling the role of the stupid one.
  5. Come home with a commitment for nearly half a TRILLION US Dollars from your new masters.  

Well done Mr Trump.  You have now firmly announced your support for the devil incarnate; and shown complete and utter disdain for humanity.  While you may have on the surface “Made America Great Again” – you have actually done it at the cost of the very soul of America.

American’s might think they have jobs, and that the economy will revive, but remember this “greatness” is on the blood of the countless that your host – and now master – from the Saudi Family occupying Arabia – yes it’s occupied – like Palestine – murders day in day out while testing your weapons.  The bellies of your subjects, Mr Trump, are being filled with the blood of the children of Yemen.  This will – mark my words – not end well for you.

I’m not going to elaborate on that – but just a point to reflect on – have you ever heard of a country named after a family?  Well, you have now, Saudi Arabia – Arabia that is Saudi – an entire country named after ONE family – and that, a family of illiterate, head-chopping psychopaths; who can’t spell election, let alone have one. Who don’t recognise humanity – yet chair the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, and who refuse to consider women as even human, yet are on the Women’s Rights Council of the United Nations.  

But more on the farcical entity that is known as the United Nations later.

This new found economic strength, these new jobs, are all on the blood of the children of Yemen, who are being murdered – for the last 800 days – that’s longer than you’ve been in the White House Mr Trump – in cold blood.  

And for what crime are the Yemeni people being massacred and indeed systematically wiped out?  Have they come out in open revolt against the illegal occupiers of Arabia?  Did they want to invade so-called Saudi Arabia?  Off course not!  The mere notion is ludicrous.

Rather, the pretext that has been used – apart from massaging the ego of the demented King, essentially making him feel like a powerful, virile young man, when in reality he is little more than a shrivelled up wretch, that even Viagra will not help, with but seconds left on his clock, who can’t even remember what day of the week it is (and don’t get me started on that catastrophic waste of air masquerading as the son of the King) – the pretext that has been used is that of the reinstatement of the “legitimate” government of Yemen.

Okay, you want to talk about the legitimacy of a government?  Let’s talk about the legitimacy of a government.  After all, you’ve supported the massacre of the people of Yemen (and let’s not get started on Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so on), so clearly you must believe in the legitimacy of the “President of Yemen”.  Let’s have a look at some history, shall we?

Oh yes, before you start even thinking about saying that “but it’s an Iranian proxy” – it’s not.  Get over yourself.  Iran is not involved in this – except in your vivid imagination.  

Iran is busy minding its own business and helping the legitimate governments (oh look it’s that word legitimate again – we’ll get to that in a moment) of Syria and Iraq deal with the terrorists raining down fire and brimstone on those countries – terrorists that are – wait for it Mr Trump – terrorists that are funded and sponsored and ideologically nurtured by – wait for it – your new masters – the Family of Saud.

So yes, let’s look at some history. The so-called legitimate President of Yemen that your masters want to reinstate – Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi – let’s have a look at his background and how he was “elected” (the word is used remarkably loosely here as will become clear shortly).  

So on June 4, 2011, Hadi was nominated to the position of “acting president” while the president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh went to Riyadh for medical treatment.  This episode of being an acting president ended on September 23, 2011, when Ali Abdullah Saleh returned and resumed his role.

Now, on November 23, 2011, Hadi became the “acting president” for a second time, after Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down.  This was also in the lead up to the Yemeni Presidential elections of 2012, and therein lies the problem.

The core of an election requires that – at least in spirit – there are at least 2 candidates.  Even in the farcical democracy that prevails in America, the idea of a single candidate election is unheard of.  Also let’s not forget that as Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down, Catherine Ashton – the EU Foreign Policy Chief at the time said that the signing of the deal (for Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down and for elections to take place in Yemen) should open the way to national reconciliation and a transition to democracy.

Mr Barack Obama had also said that the stepping down of Ali Abdullah Saleh “represents an important step for the Yemeni people, who deserve the opportunity to determine their own future”

So, all good so far, right?  Ali Abdullah Saleh steps down, the Yemeni people have an election, and all is good in the world – or that’s the way it should have been.  

Reality was, however, a touch crueller.

The Yemeni people did have an election.  The problem was there was only one candidate.  Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.  This was also something that went against the constitution of Yemen, that required there to be more than one candidate – but ho hum – what’s a constitution when a regional hegemon wants to get their way?!

So in any case, the single candidate Mr Hadi – surprise, surprise – won this election (oh how ever-so surprising given the huge level of competition he had!!).  

Now Hadi had a 2-year mandate – due to the terms of the (P)GCC-brokered deal that resulted in the elections.  Hadi had his inauguration as President of Yemen on February 27, 2012.  This means that two years later – that is on February 27, 2014 – his mandate is finished, and that in time for that a new set of elections need to be held, and a new President elected.  So far reasonably straightforward right?

Well, February 27, 2014, came and went, and Hadi didn’t call any new election.  

However, this is where things got strange.  Really strange.  

Hadi continued to remain in power without any legitimate mandate all the way to January 22, 2015 – nearly a year after his mandate expired.  Yes, the Saudis and others suggested that his mandate had been extended, but according to lawyers specialised in the Yemeni Constitution, and the brokered deal that resulted in the (oh so democratic and filled with great choice) election of Hadi, the legality of said extension is questionable at best, but anyway.

In any case, just after, Hadi – resigned – yes, resigned, left power voluntarily even though his mandate had finished, he acknowledged that he had no rights to power, and as a result decided to leave power and resign.  Turns out he had ulterior motives.  He went to his masters in Riyadh and cried his crocodile tears.  

Following that – and I’m not going to go into his multiple resignations and the other insanity, the reader can go and do some research themselves and find out what type of person Mr Hadi is. Suffice it to say, he went to Riyadh, cried his crocodile tears, and gave Riyadh the excuse it needed to go into Yemen – all guns blazing.

The key stated objective for the Saudi onslaught was “to restore the legitimate government of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi”.  

An objective based in fantasy.  There is no legitimacy to the government of Mr Hadi; and in any case, his term ended, he resigned (more than once, indeed), and had no valid or popular mandate.

Therefore, the objective is impossible to achieve.  

Now a sane person, when realising that an objective is not going to happen would ordinarily turn around and say, well, we need to now work the people of Yemen, to have a general election, and the result of that will give Yemen a legitimate government (though I must caveat the idea of a general election with the proviso that a general election with MORE THAN ONE candidate – this is important).

Instead, what did the Family of Saud do?  They decided that they would use Yemen as a testing ground all the new and fancy weapons that the Americans, British and the Israelis wanted to test. Even the ones that the Israelis didn’t want to test in Gaza!

For 800 days, Yemen has been a testing ground for the weapons companies, the people of Yemen live in the most horrendous conditions.  

The United Nations has decided that in order for the weapons tests to be performed in what can be deemed as “controlled conditions” – without any external influence – they would hermetically seal Yemen off.  Preventing the transport of any food, medicine, necessities not to mention weapons.  

Heaven forfends that the Yemeni people make any sort of resistance against the onslaught they are suffering.  

They should just be quiet like the lab rats they are and let the American, British and Israeli scientists test their shiny toys while the illiterate Saudi Family keep placing their thumbprints on the cheques and paying the bills – with the demented King forgetting whether he’s paid or not, so paying multiple times no doubt!

And then we have the United Nations, the facilitator of this massive weapons test on humans, the broker of the testing deal.  

This is the same United Nations that keeps saying when asked about genocides and mass murders of populations that “never again”, yet they have catastrophically failed – Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and now Yemen.  

Bravo, United Nations, Bravo.  You do an amazing job at exactly the opposite of what your official job specification declares.  In the real world, you would be fired on the spot!  But this is the “Crazy Zone”, a place no less evil than the pits of hell, where the truth is known as falsehood and the falsehoods are marked as being true!!

The only honourable action that the United Nations can do is to commit suicide, close its doors and declare it is impotent, its structure compromised from day 1 due to the corrupt and invalid veto given to the so-called “permanent members” of its security council – or should I call it what it is – genocide council.

800 days of carnage, Yemen burns, all manner of illegal weapons of mass destruction have been used ranging from nuclear to chemical and indeed biological – did you somehow think that Cholera just appeared randomly in Yemen?  No, Yemen was forcibly injected with Cholera.

800 days and the world not only doesn’t stop the Family of Saud and its Arab mercenaries, but rather the so-called leader of the free world, Donald Trump, pledges his undying love and allegiance to the Saudi Cult; decides to sell them more weapons to test, 430 billion USD worth – all in the name of “Making America Great Again” – but at the same time selling America’s soul to the devil incarnate.

The Family of Saud, with glee and smiles, dance the sword dance with their new found mentor, Emperor Trump – the real emperor without any clothes – and continue their carnage in the region, with a special focus on Yemen, all with complete impunity.

But I don’t want to end this paper on a downer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For 800 days the heroic, honourable and brave people of Yemen have weathered the most inhuman of tortures and carnage, they are living through hell being unleashed upon them – but they will refuse to bow, to capitulate to weaken.  The honourable people of Ansarallah, the Yemeni Resistance Movement – which is not just the Houthi tribe, but is made up of all the people of Yemen – who care about Yemen, and who refuse Saudi Hegemony – have stood tall, standing for Yemen, staying firm in their resolve.  

Because they know a secret that no matter how hard the Saudi cult and their allies try, they can ever understand.  This secret is that of the victory of blood over the sword.  The secret that you stand firm for your principles, you never bow down to the oppressors and even if your life is the price you stay standing.  

When a people act in this manner – it frustrates the schemes of the oppressors and the oppressors ultimately implode.

The biggest loser in this equation will not be however the Saudi cult – they are already finished, flapping around like a fish out of water not realising that they are already dead.  No, the American Empire is the biggest loser, for it has backed and taken blood money from the butchers of Yemen.

No, the American Empire is the biggest loser, for it has backed and taken blood money from the butchers of Yemen.

If Mr Trump wants to really “Make America Great Again” – he needs to do that which is honourable – and he will see that his country’s problems will begin to resolve.  

He needs to do that which is right.  He needs to condemn and distance the United States from the Saudi Cult and its allies – he needs to speak to them as he spoke of them before he moved into the White House and was corrupted.  

He needs to realise that a house built on the blood of innocents will never be stable.

Yemen will never fall, Yemen will always stand tall, be it for 800 days or 800 years.  There is nothing that the Saudi Cult and its allies can do to bring Yemen down.  

Yemen will never bow.  Yemen cannot bow, because its allegiance is already to a greater power, the power that controls all of our destinies.  

The US, Saudi and all who rain fire down upon Yemen, each and every one of them will fail, that fire they throw into Yemen will burn down their own houses.

In this there is no doubt, it is but a matter of time.  As a wise man once said, “Truly the dawn is near …”

Originally published in the American Herald Tribune

Due to the length of this article, a text-to-speech version has been made available, so that it can be listened to as well as read, for the convenience of the viewer.  


800 Days Later … Yemen Stands Tall

Article discussing and commemorating 800 days of the Illegal Saudi-US-UN led genocidal war on Yemen.

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Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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