Shias in Pakistan targeted1

Over the past week, tens of thousands of people protested in a Pakistani town, demanding greater security after a couple of bombings rocked their area. Citizens of Parachinar staged a sit-in soon after two bombs went off on June 23, killing at least 75 and injuring more than 300 Pakistani Shias. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi – a terrorist group – claimed responsibility. Although the Parachinar blasts were the deadliest in a series of recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, it was nothing new.

Use of chemical weapons in Syria

Anti-Syria militants have levelled new accusations of chemical arms use by the Syrian army. The militants say the army used chlorine gas during battles in Damascus countryside—a charge rejected by the Syrian military as baseless. Accusations of chemical weapons use have been flying around since last year in Syria. But the sole target of such allegations, from the viewpoint of western media and officials, has been the Syrian government. The major case in point has been the purported April chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheykhoun which left dozens of people dead. Following the incident, the US and the militants quickly pointed the finger at the Syrian government. US president Donald trump soon ordered the firing of 59 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase in response to the Khan Sheykhoun attack.

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  1. Interview with Press TV’s “On The News Line” program broadcast on July 5, 2017

Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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