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Answering to questions on the Palestine issue and the Day of Quds, Shabbir Hassanally told Muslim Press that “Imam Khomeini through the establishment of the Day of Quds woke up the people of the world. He put the oppressors on notice that their tyranny will not go unanswered.”

Below is the full transcript of the interview:

How has the International Quds Day and the events held on this day since it was initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini affected the Palestinian cause?

The Day of Quds - The Day of the Oppressed - Imam Khomeini

The Day of Quds – The Day of the Oppressed – Imam Khomeini

The impact of the International Day of Quds upon the Palestinian cause has been monumental.  Back in 1979, when Imam Khomeini introduced the Day of Quds to the world, this was an important event.  Before that, while some activists knew about the Palestine issue, and while some schools and colleges – at least here in the UK – were discussing, what they called the “Israeli-Palestinian Issue”. Though I hasten to add that such discussions were always geared towards the Zionist narrative, and portrayed the myth that Zionism wishes to turn into fact; that of “people without a land, for a land without people”.

If nothing else, for the Muslims living outside the Middle East region – such as in Europe and the US – the establishment of the Day of Quds was a landmark moment.  It put the idea of the oppression suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Zionists as well as the complacency of the world at large, firmly into our hearts and minds.

For me, on learning about the Universal Day of Quds, and then being given a different narrative regarding the Palestinian issue, it gave me the ammunition I needed to question the narrative that I had been taught at school.

Having an annual demonstration, followed up by seminars and having a wide variety of literature available on the plight of the Palestinians, provided a means to educate the population; that had previously only been educated by the mainstream media and as a result had only been fed the Zionist narrative.

Awareness of the plight of the Palestinians, the fact that the Day of Quds is not exclusively on the Palestine issue. Rather it is for all issues of oppression and is a day when the free world can raise a cry in unison against the forces of Global Arrogance (which incorporates Global Zionism). Imam Khomeini also awoke the masses to the plight of the Africans in Apartheid South Africa, and much more oppression around the world.

Indeed, it is this understanding of resisting oppression, which helps people understand why they must speak against the oppression of any people. For example, the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar (Burma)  who are terribly oppressed and indeed being massacred by a group – the Buddhist Monks and Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi – commonly thought of as being “peace loving”.

To put it simply, Imam Khomeini brought the Palestinian cause – and the cause of all the oppressed across the world – to the forefront; he forced even the most complacent to examine these issues and if nothing else say a small prayer for the oppressed.

He woke up millions all over the world. Sending a strong message of solidarity and support to the oppressed across the world.  Telling them that you are not alone, that you are not forgotten.

He galvanised support for the oppressed.  One might even argue that he was the inspiration behind the Boycott Israel movement (BDS movement) as well as the movement to boycott apartheid in South Africa.

At a time when the collective conscience of the world had all but died. Imam Khomeini through the establishment of the Day of Quds woke up the people of the world. He put the oppressors on notice that their tyranny will not go unanswered. He ensured that the oppressors knew that their days are numbered.  He made sure that the world knew that the clock is ticking on the Zionist Entity (and its allies).  Evidence of this fact can be seen through the death of the scourge of Apartheid South Africa in 1994.

Indeed, it would not be unfair to suggest that one of the reasons for the death of this oppressive system, was the work and actions initiated by Imam Khomeini with the Universal Day of Quds; and the impact this had upon the tyrannical Apartheid regime.

God willing, the Zionist regime will share the fate of the Apartheid regime.  Amen.

What does the event stand for?

The Day of Quds is a Universal day to support the oppressed against the oppressor - Imam Khomeini

The Day of Quds is a Universal day to support the oppressed against the oppressor – Imam Khomeini

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason for the establishment and indeed continued observance of the Day of Quds is to provide solidarity with all the oppressed people of the world.

The issue of Palestine is the primary, and indeed one might argue, the cause of oppression around the world, which explains why it is directly and firmly connected to the Universal Day of Quds. The discussion of how the plight of the Palestinians and the crimes of the Zionists constitutes the root of oppression is lengthy and will be covered in depth in a future paper, God willing.

All in all, the Day of Quds stands for the common person, the free person, standing against all the oligarchy, the autocrats, the tyrants and those who would not govern with justice and equity, with honour and dignity.  It is the stand – the universal stand – of Good against evil.

From an Islamic perspective, the day of Quds is like a remembering and reviving of the Day of Ashura, when the lovers of Truth and Justice were ranked against the forces of absolute and complete evil.  On that day – as per the understanding of the uninitiated – on the surface, it seemed that the forces of Truth were vanquished.  However, the fact that now, fourteen hundred years after the event of Ashura, people still speak of, gain inspiration from, and learn from the events of the Ashura Epic speaks volumes.

The struggle of the Palestinians is not dissimilar to this.  When you have a youth with a stone, ranked against what can only be described as a child-killing storm trooper; and yet the youth stands firm and strong, and throws his stone – even though he knows that certain death awaits him; this is true courage, this is true bravery; this is true humanity.

The Day of Quds reminds us all that the stance against injustice and tyranny is what makes humanity human.  There is much that can be scribed about the placing of the Day of Quds on the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadhan.

For now, suffice it to say, that, the same way that the month of Ramadhan is designed to reconnect us, to revitalise us, and to refocus all – especially the Muslims – towards God, towards Divine Justice and Truth. So the placement of the Day of Quds on the Farewell Friday of this blessed month, also reminds us, that we should refocus on God and our duties towards the oppressed.

There are Jews across the world who take part in Quds Day demonstrations and condemn Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. However, they are sometimes described as “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating Jews”. What’s your take on this?

Netura Karta - Jews Against Zionism at Quds Day Protest

Netura Karta – Jews Against Zionism at Quds Day Protest

The issue of Palestine – nay, the issue of oppression across the world – is not an issue for only Muslims.  Not at all.  The same way that we saw that the stance of Imam Husayn on the Day of Ashura was not a stance that was simply for the Muslims.  Rather, these events, these issues, are universally human; they are for the entire human family.

When our brethren from the Jewish faith, stand side by side with us against the tyranny of Zionism; they do this because of the slur that Zionism is against the divine system of Judaism.  They do this because as followers of the Moses, the Prophet of God, they are duty bound to stand against injustice – after all, it is well known that the Quran simply completes that which was taught in the Abrahamic monotheistic faiths, and Quran says:

“O you who believe! be maintainers of justice, bearers of witness of God’s sake, though it may be against your selves or (your) parents or near relatives, if he is rich or poor. God is nearer to them both in compassion; therefore do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate; and if you swerve or turn aside, then surely God is aware of what you do.”

– Quran, Surah al-Nisa (The Women) (4), Verse 135

In fact our brethren from the Jews who stand against this cancer of Zionism, they are following the teachings of Moses fully, and indeed are bearing witness for God’s sake; even against themselves.

For without any doubt, Zionism is nothing less than a corruption of Judaism; in the same way, that Takfirism (or Wahhabism) is a corruption of Islam.

Naturally, it is expected that the Zionists and those sympathetic to the Zionist Cult will insult and slander those honourable ones who bear witness to this fact, who call out criminals as criminals. It is expected that they are abused and insulted.

The reality is that they should wear these insults as a badge of honour, for the abuse they suffer, are merely the battle scars received in standing for Justice and Truth.

Those who mete out the abuse and insults are the ones who are indeed worthy of the abuse they meted out.

For who is more anti-Semitic than one who harms and murders the Semitic people?

Who is more a self-hating Jew than one who betrays the sublime teachings taught by the Great Prophet of God, Moses?

It doesn’t matter that the Zionists – through manipulation and coercion – attempt to change the meaning of the word Anti-Semitic, making it equivalent to Anti-Zionism; this doesn’t make it so.

As Shakespeare said, a Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.  So calling Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, doesn’t change the fact that the two are opposed.  Indeed, the height of Anti-Semitism is in fact Zionism.  Zionism IS Anti-Semitic – by its very design, and its actions against the true children of Abraham, the people of Palestine.

Let’s never forget that all the Prophets of God were insulted and abused for speaking the Truth, and all those who speak the Truth have always been chastised and ostracised.  All these insults, constitute nothing short of a badge of honour, worn by those who stand against injustice and in support of the oppressed.

What practical measures should be taken to force Israel into ending its violence against Palestinians? How is the BDS movement doing in this regard?

The BDS Movement. End Occupation. End Apartheid. Refugees Right of Return

The BDS Movement. End Occupation. End Apartheid. Refugees Right of Return

We must examine the example of Apartheid South Africa and how it was brought to its knees and thrown out of existence and into the museums of history.

The BDS movement is an important factor in the resistance against Zionism and as a means of getting justice for the Palestinians.  However, it is not enough in and of its own.

There needs to be unity amongst the Muslims and amongst those who care about the Palestinian cause.  There are many games being played, and sadly some from within the Palestinian camp are being manipulated.  It is understandable, to make continued resistance for generations, this is not easy, but this is what is required.

The people of the world need to stop trading with any organisation that trades with or provides succour to the Zionist Entity; this is extremely important.  It is not enough to only boycott those companies that are from the Zionist Entity.  It needs to be made clear to these entities that trade with and provide succour to the Zionist Entity, that they will be side-lined, that they will be replaced.

This strategy that worked well with some British banks and companies that refused to cut ties with Apartheid South Africa.  When they noticed that their political positions were costing them actual money (not to mention reputation), they began to change their tone.

The bottom line for those companies trading with the Zionists needs to be affected.  Pressure needs to be applied, and organisations that trade with Zionism need to understand that they will suffer, and indeed are trading on the blood of innocents.

Another important aspect that needs to be worked on is that of education.  If we examine Hollywood, the media is attempting to rewrite history. Given the Zionist influence in Hollywood as well as within the mainstream media as a whole, the Zionist narrative is being pushed as the Truth.

We can see this clearly, for example when the heroic people of Gaza make resistance to the illegal weapons of mass destruction being rained down on them by the Zionists; they are referred to as the “terrorists”.

The mainstream media will have you believe that the oppressed is the oppressor, and the oppressor is the oppressed.

We can see politicians in the western world as those who work for the benefit of the Zionists and have little or no concern for their constituents.  The masses need to lobby their elected representatives; they need to inform them that their priority is not for the Zionists, rather it is for the health and well-being of their constituents.

As the support for the Zionists begins to thin and wane, and this will happen – mark my words; I remember when people used to say that Apartheid was going to be a permanent fixture in South Africa, but that crumbled and fell overnight.  So too will Zionism.  Mark my words.

Everyone needs to do their little portion.  To boycott – in every sphere, from cultural, education, economic and social, etc.  After all, let us not forget, that like their siblings the Saudi Family, the Zionist oligarchy is also destroying sites of heritage.  There is a movement to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild the Zionist “Temple” in its place – even though historically there is no valid evidence to suggest that the Temple built by Herod was ever in the location of the Dome of the Rock or al-Aqsa Mosque, but that is another discussion for another day.

U.S. President Donald Trump has sent his son in law Jared Kushner to push for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. How do you analyse this move?

Kushner being introduced to Netanyahu by Trump

Kushner being introduced to Netanyahu by Trump

President Trump – regardless of what he says – is a stooge of the Zionist lobbyists.  His son, Mr Kushner, is also the same.  They are pushing for the farcical “two-state-solution”.  Something that rewards the theft of Palestine by the Zionists and gives the Palestinians virtually nothing; and above all doesn’t guarantee the right of return to the millions of Palestinians that have been exiled or forced to leave their homeland.

The Zionists desire a deal such as this. For the reasons that this deal will never actually come to pass. A cursory glance at the so-called map of what remains of Palestine shows that there is no viable state there – even according to analysts sympathetic to the Zionists.

What will be attempted – this also connects to the Trump Administration’s alliance with the so-called “Kingdom of Saudi” Arabia, and the rapprochement between the desert Arabs (of the GCC) and the Zionists – is that pressure will be applied to the Palestinians to accept this pathetic “two-state” solution.

There is every possibility that the corrupt Palestinian Authority (an authority that lacks any legitimacy or ability to exercise that authority) will be forced to capitulate.  Forced using “gifts” and “promises of power” and such things.  The same way that the late head of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, Yaser Arafat, was encouraged to capitulate. Naturally when conscience takes over, and the capitulator understands the capitulation; any move to back-track results in the capitulator being taken out of the picture – but again another discussion for another day.

Now, while this is a possibility, this is also unlikely as the Palestinian people, while war weary and tired, are people with honour, they know that it is unwise to give even an inch of Palestinian land.  They know the Zionists are not to be trusted.

They saw what happened when peace was attempted with the Zionists in exchange for land.  The Zionist just kept taking more and more land, and the peace was never really a peace; in fact, perhaps it should have been “pieces”.

They have also seen that the only way the Zionists have returned land they have stolen is when the people make a steadfast resistance, as was the case in South Lebanon; when the Lebanese Resistance, led by Hizbullah, pushed the Zionists out of South Lebanon, not once, but twice.  Initially in 2000 – forcing them to leave with their tails between their legs, and again follow the Zionist adventure in 2006, when they were sent back in utter humiliation.

The attempts at a deal by Mr Kushner will achieve very little in reality; better than him have tried.

The reason why any deal with the Zionists is impossible to achieve is that such a deal fails to take into account the idea of Justice.  The idea that the criminal in this occupation of Palestine is not the Palestinians, but the European Zionists that have forcibly occupied the land.

The Desert Arabs of the GCC (Saudi, Emirates, Bahrain, et al.), who are also working with Mr Kushner to achieve this deal are also going to fail.  Each of these GCC ruling families are also occupiers.  With the Saudi family being the illegal occupier of the land of Arabia.

Hence my terminology – European Zionists and Arab Zionists – two sides of the same coin.

The entire premise is that Mr Kushner is operating in a Just manner, that he cares about the oppressed Palestinians; that he wishes to see Justice prevail. He doesn’t.  He can’t.  He is a slave of the Zionist and Saudi/GCC Lobbies and can only do their bidding.

The plight of the Palestinians is not even on his radar, as it is not an area of concern for the Zionists or the Arab Zionists (or DAESH in suits).

The attempts by Mr Kushner will be yet another attempt by the despot in the White House (regardless of who it is) to reward theft and genocide.  Again, it will fail – because the heroic people of Palestine and the free people of the World will refuse to accept any solution that is devoid of Justice.

A solution without Justice is not a solution; it is but a compounding of the problem.

And from God alone is all ability, and He is our ultimate recourse in all matters.


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Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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