In His Name, the Most High

The United States is an Entity built on Theft, Oppression and Genocide1

“We narrate to you from the history of Moses and Pharaoh—in truth—for people who believe. Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and divided its people into factions. He persecuted a group of them, slaughtering their sons while sparing their daughters. He was truly a corrupter. But We desired to favour those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors.
And to establish them in the land; and to show Pharaoh, Hamaan, and their troops, the very thing they feared.”

Quran, Surah Qasas (28), Verses 3-62

On October 13, 1964, a law was passed by the parliament of Iran3.  In reality, this wasn’t a law that was being passed; rather it should be said that on October 13, 1964, the effective colonising of Iran by the United States of America was formalised; and that too by the same people that were being colonised.

File Photo of Amir Asadollah Alam, the Iranian Prime Minister who presided over the signing of the Capitulation law

File Photo of Amir Asadollah Alam, the Iranian Prime Minister who presided over the signing of the Capitulation law

So what happened? What law was passed? Iran was “never colonised by America”! Iran has always been free. What on earth is this writer scribing?!

Let me explain.

On October 13, 1964, a law was passed in the Iranian parliament – a parliament that didn’t represent the voice of the people; but that was subservient to the will of one M R Pahlavi; the CIA appointed “King of Kings” of Iran. This law was known as the Capitulation Law. Strictly speaking, the term “capitulation”, in the context of this law, has a specific meaning which is:

“A capitulation is a treaty or unilateral contract by which a sovereign state relinquishes jurisdiction within its borders over the subjects of a foreign state. As a result, foreign subjects are immune for most civil and criminal purposes, from actions by the courts and governmental institutions in the state that makes capitulation.”4

To explain this in the context of Iran and America in 1964; this essentially means that Americans in Iran – be they diplomatic, civilian, military or tourists – are immune from any prosecution or legal repercussions for breaking the law of Iran. They cannot be tried by the courts in Iran, nor are they answerable to the Iranian legal system or government; rather, their cases must be referred back to American courts.

To put it even more simply; as Imam Khomeini had said in his historic speech condemning this law – which became one of the major milestones that paved the way for the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran:

“If an American servant or cook assassinates your Leader in the markets or beats him to within an inch of his life; the Iranian police are not allowed to stop him (i.e. they are not allowed to stop the American).
“The Iranian courts do not have the right to judge him. The case must be referred to the US and be decided there, by the American ‘masters’.
“The government (of M R Pahlavi) flagrantly favoured this heinous plan. The Iranian nation was bestowed an inferior position than American dogs.”

Imam Khomeini, Speech October 26, 19645

File Photo of Imam Khomeini delivering his landmark historic speech against the Capitulation Law, October 1964

File Photo of Imam Khomeini delivering his landmark historic speech against the Capitulation Law, October 1964

In light of this law, and if we examine the meaning of colonialism:

“Colonialism: the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people.”6

It becomes very clear that the idea of capitulation is merely colonialism by another word. The local indigenous people of a country, lose any rights; and the foreigner is rendered their master because the foreigner is unaccountable and can act with complete impunity.

This was pronounced by the illegitimate regime of M R Pahlavi to his American overlords – who after all had brought him into power – but that’s another discussion for another day.

So, why are we speaking of an event that happened more than fifty years ago? Why is this important? The answer is simple. America continues to act like a colonial empire; attempting to force its will upon others, and never allowing its subjects (well at least those who work for the Military Industrial Complex and related outfits) to be held accountable for crimes; including crimes against humanity.

Cast your memory back to the disaster of the Iraqi invasion in 2003. The atrocities committed across that country, from Fallujah to Haditha, from Basra to Baghdad’s inner cities. Don’t forget the crimes against humanity that took place in Abu Ghraib and Camp Boka and countless other “black-sites.” Crimes that were committed in Iraq, by foreign nationals – American and other western mercenaries –who had complete immunity from prosecution by the Iraqi authorities.

A report by Human Rights Watch in October 2003, about six months after the invasion of Iraq by America, and its so-called “coalition of the willing”; indicated that American soldiers were acting with “impunity” in Iraq7. This means without suffering the consequences of their actions.

This is what was enshrined in Law by the government of Shah against Iran in 1964.

This was all part of what the Shah of Iran called his “modernisation drive”, his so-called “White Revolution.” A move to further de-sovereignize Iran, and hand it completely over – its resources, its soul, its culture, its traditions, its everything – to the American Empire.

Carter and Pahlavi share a drink during Carters 1977 Visit to Tehran (File Photo)

Carter and Pahlavi share a drink during Carters 1977 Visit to Tehran (File Photo)

It intended to turn Iran into a complete slave and client state of the American Empire. Because, and let’s be honest over here, there was nothing Iranian or Islamic about M R Pahlavi or Farah Diba, both had their positions on the back of the grace of their American masters; this is well documented.

Many analysts believe that it was this capitulation that served as one of the final sparks that ignited the last stages of the movement that culminated in the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. From the time of the capitulation, there were sixteen long years of struggle and resistance against the American Empire and its enforcer regime occupying Iran; before victory was achieved with God’s infinite grace.

This is not a small price; the cost in time is one thing, the cost regarding the thousands of martyrs, the countless innocents tortured and murdered by the Zionist supported and American CIA trained SAVAK mercenaries is something else entirely.

It is important to remember and learn from history, after all, a wise man once said; those who do not learn from history, are condemned to repeat its mistakes; and this leads me to two important observations, which I will spend the remainder of this document expanding on.

The first observation is that of a person who has not studied and has failed to learn from history, and that is the position of the Family of Saud, their squandering of the Arabian and Muslim wealth, their complete and utter subservience to the American Empire and what their outcome will be.

The second observation is the diametric opposite of the first; that of a person who reflects and studies deeply, who acts with wisdom, insight and foresight, and protects the wealth and rights of the people no matter the cost; a person who can genuinely be referenced as a Leader of the Free people of the World, and a true follower of the true Islam of Muhammad.

Amongst the reasons why the American Empire wanted Iran to capitulate, was for Iran to accept the complete dominance of the American Empire over its sovereignty. This would allow America to usurp Iran’s resources, and use Iran as a bulwark to further its hegemonic intentions in the region; while on the surface maintaining a degree of “plausible deniability” in the eyes of the world community.

This approach would allow, the United States to maintain a forward operating base out of Iran; a base that both subjugates the rights of the people of Iran, but also allows Iran to act as an extension of the American Empire and essentially “police” the region.

More importantly, the American Empire does this with complete immunity from prosecution or accountability to the Iranian people or government. If – as the saying goes – things went south, the culprit would not be the American Empire, but the Iranians. This is a very important point and must be kept in mind.

With God’s grace and the wise leadership of the late Imam Khomeini and the righteous revolutionaries in Iran, this capitulation was resisted, and the moment the victory of the Islamic Revolution was achieved in 1979, this unjust and tyrannical law was quashed and thrown into the rubbish bin, where it belonged.

However, this wasn’t the end of the policy of capitulation; and the desire of the American Empire to get sovereign states to capitulate to its demands and to allow, what can only be described as, colonialism by another name, to take root.

It failed in Iran certainly; however; it attempted to do the same in Iraq; and indeed did so, when it funded and supported – through both overt and covert means – the Iraqi dictator Saddam Tikriti. Essentially allowing Saddam to bomb Iran with terrible weapons and murder countless people; but today, when the “Iran-Iraq War” – what we call the Sacred Defense – is mentioned; in the West at least, the name of America is not mentioned, except in passing, rather they portray just Mr Tikriti as the criminal – which no doubt he was; but Tikriti was merely doing the bidding of his master. We mustn’t forget that.

The same way, if we take the example of a pet dog, that harms a neighbour; who is the one that is considered guilty? The dog or the master that raised the dog to be violent? Off course in normal society, the owner of the dog, is considered guilty; however in this case; in the case of the geopolitics of colonialism and imperialism; the dog is guilty; the master has nothing to do with it; and indeed the master distances themselves from their pet dog; even though it is well known that the master gave the dog all the encouragement and ability to perform the crimes.

Saddam Tikriti Meeting Donald Rumsfeld during the Eight Year Imposed War on Iran 1983 (File Photo)

Saddam Tikriti Meeting Donald Rumsfeld during the Eight-Year Imposed War on Iran 1983 (File Photo)

The reality is, Saddam allowed himself and Iraq to be dominated by the American Empire completely. Saddam did America’s “dirty work”, and took the blame; while America continued to operate with – and here’s that word again – impunity8.

The world just saw Saddam as the “evil-doer” – and no doubt he was evil; but he was a complete puppet, controlled and manipulated, armed and supported by the American Empire, in an attempt to break the back of the one nation that had stood up to the Empire and said “No, we will never accept humiliation”. The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Again, this is a very important historical lesson, but one sadly many other countries in the region – and across the world – have failed to learn from.

Now we come to the latest capitulator; the so-called “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” – firstly, the idea of a country naming itself after a family of occupiers is ludicrous; the Zionists are occupiers in the same way as the Family of Saud, yet at least the Zionists are not so blatant as to name the land they have occupied after their family names – otherwise can you imagine; the land that is Palestine; instead of being named “Israel” by its occupiers, would have been named “Ben-Gurion Land”, or even “Zio-Land”! The notion is ludicrous, yet this is the insane world that we live in.

The “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, is just another country that has completely capitulated to the whims of the American Empire; that has sold its soul and that of its people, to serve the agenda of the American Empire – which through all the carnage being wrought on the world by the Saudi Regime – have the aura of innocence. We even see analysts on news programs say that the Americans have no control over the Saudi regime and that the Saudi’s are fully independent in what they do9.

This is a complete lie; this is an invalid statement. The regime occupying Arabia doesn’t blink without approval from its masters in London, Washington and Tel Aviv. This is a fact. But why is this?

It all comes back to the idea of capitulation. The idea of “bending the knee” to the empire; of sacrificing your sovereignty, your independence to serve “at the pleasure” of another. This is the condition of the Saudi Entity.

If we examine the War in Yemen that is being waged by the Saudi Regime – with complete and total support of the American Empire, and its various lackeys the world over – the United Kingdom, France, The Zionist Entity, the so-called United Arab Emirates, and many more besides – other countries that have all capitulated fully to the will of the American Empire.

In the Yemen War, there are times when people point the finger at the Saudi Regime, and this is accurate to an extent; yes, it is the Saudi regime that is directly bombing the innocent masses in Yemen, it is the Saudi regime that is destroying the infrastructure of Yemen, however; who is enabling and providing support to that same Saudi entity in committing its crimes?

Look behind the obvious, and the answer will be clear to see – at the root of the problem, is the evil American Empire; an empire that demands total domination, that needs to promote total war; due to its massive war industry10; that profits on the suffering and death of billions the world over.

We could sit and examine the countless campaigns where the US has “plausible deniability” regarding carnage happening across the world, examples such as Occupied Palestine, such as Myanmar, Bahrain, the terror that was unleashed on Syria, the madness that plagues the Pakistani/Indian situation, the corruption that infects Afghanistan; the list is endless; but if you understand one example, you will through reflection understand all the scenarios, each of which has its unique nuances and niceties.

After all the tactics and strategies utilised by the American Empire in colonising and capitulating the many countries of the world differ from place to place. It is important to understand and keep this in mind.

With the Saudi Regime. The American Empire enabled their promotion of the anti-Islamic doctrine known as Wahhabism, a corruption of Islam, the same way as Zionism is a corruption of Judaism; they enabled the spread of this cancer across the world – both in the Middle East and the wider world.

When the people of various countries rose up against their capitulated rulers – such as Egypt, Tunisia, etc.; these Wahhabi terrorists, mercenaries brainwashed and controlled out of so-called Saudi Arabia, with guidance and “logistical support” from the Americans, British and Zionists, were brought in to return said country to order. Naturally in some cases, America – through its organ NATO – go involved directly – such as in Libya. However, for the most part, they used their proxies.

The Saudi Regime essentially attempts to police and promote American ideals across the region; while at the same time maintaining the veneer of being completely different to America superficially through its extremely corrupt ideology of Wahhabism; which is, in fact, a cornerstone of the entire Saudi Entity; without Wahhabism, there would be no Saudi Arabia; the two are symbiotically connected, one requires the other.

However, the reality is that Saudi Arabia is a complete client of the United States, a complete colony of the United States11. It has sold its soul to the American hegemon; and does its complete bidding; even to its detriment. It lacks the acumen and wisdom to become independent – in the hands of the Children of Saud, because they have never been independent, they are incapable of independence; their creation was via the British, their nurturing and support is via the American Empire; they are habitual slaves of the Empire.

Ultimately, what will happen is that over time, the Empire will weaken, and indeed is weakening; with Emperor Trump – the Nero of Today – his empire essentially burns, while Trump tweets like the fool that he is; not even realising that his house is burning down. As the Empire weakens, it will make its clients perform more and more insane and illogical activities.

Saudi America Congregating around the Glowing Orb at the Riyadh Summit in 2017 where the 300 Billion USD deal was agreed - May 2017 (File Photo)

Saudi America Congregating around the Glowing Orb at the Riyadh Summit in 2017 where the 300 Billion USD deal was agreed – May 2017 (File Photo)

Consider, the 300 billion USD plus arms deal between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Who does this help? The Saudi armed forces don’t even have the ability to use their countless weapons and have to bring in “external experts” to teach them, or to use the weapons on their behalf12. So, on top of the 300 billion USD plus arms deal, there is no doubt many other deals for mercenary forces to prop up the well equipped but remarkably useless Saudi military, an army that has so little faith in its own weapons and leadership, that there have been cases of mass desertions13.

This is not the behaviour of a country that is working in its own best interests; this is the actions of an entity that is working to support and prop up the empire it is subservient to. This is plain and simple.

Yet in the world of “public opinion” that is garnered and controlled by the Zionist and American controlled World Media apparatus; the name of Saudi Arabia is raised high; it is applauded when it decides that women should be allowed to drive14. Excuses are created for the carnage unleashed on Yemen; excuses such as “preventing and fighting terrorism”15, “protecting democracy”16 and of course “curbing Iranian influence”17 and much more besides!

Though thankfully, the world is getting wise to these flagrant lies, but the Empire still tries to support and protect its clients, and to overlook their multitude of crimes against humanity, because the empire itself commits so many crimes, and is directly implicated in the crimes of its clients; that it cannot afford for the crimes to be tried; for any just court would convict not only the actual perpetrator but the power that drove them; the Empire.

This is what it means to capitulate; the lesson that is not being learned by the Saudi regime, by the illiterates sitting in Riyadh but having their hearts in Tel Aviv, Washington and London is that they now no longer have their sovereignty, they no longer have their independence; but rather they exist to serve American interests only. They also don’t realise that when it is no longer convenient for America to continue supporting the Saudi regime, they will step away, and allow nature to take its course – as was the case with Mr Mobarak in Egypt (though he was swiftly replaced by a Mr Mobarak in another guise, that’s another discussion for another day). When deemed prudent the American Empire will replace the Family of Saud with another Family or system that is just as subservient to itself. History has proven this.

The only solution for the people of Arabia is to take their destiny into their own hands; the same was that the people of Iran did, to rise against the Hegemon, against the Empire and in unison say “NO”. To take back what is their’s and to stop being the puppet that will at the drop of a hat be abandoned by their puppetmaster.

Proof that the shackles of the empire can be removed from those it has enslaved is in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, a complete and total client state of America. A year before the defunct Shah escaped from Iran, and around fourteen months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, US President Carter had come to Iran to visit his minions and has said:

“Iran, because of the great leadership of the Shah, is an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world.”

President Jimmy Carter, December 31, 197718

The complete lack of insight and understanding of the situation in Iran by the US President is due to the dangerous and symbiotic relationship that exists between the Capitulator and the Capitulate; where they see the world through “capitulation tinted glasses”; and they don’t see that the reality is very different; that the people in the land they have occupied, the land that they thinks has capitulated to them are angry, they will not allow themselves to be humiliated; and they will, in a time far shorter than can be expected, throw the shackles that bind them.

They will then for eternity, speak out against those who occupied them, who forced them to capitulate, who usurped their rights; and they will say in unison “Death to America”.

Death To America Means Death to American Policies and Arrogance (Image courtesy Pure Stream Media)

Death To America Means Death to American Policies and Arrogance (Image courtesy Pure Stream Media)

This rallying cry – “Death to America” – is infectious; and countless others who are governed by the incompetent and pathetic leaders that have capitulated to the empire, that have sold their souls for a hamburger and a few pieces of silver, they hear this; they know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, and with every part of their beings they scream this cry “Death to America”.

It is for this reason; this reason of wanting to establish independence and then fiercely protect said freedom and independence; the reasons of self-reliance and self-determination; that we see to this day that the Islamic Republic of Iran speaks against the oppressive American Empire that seeks to extend and further its hegemonic intentions.

On the anniversary of the historic speech of Imam Khomeini against the signing of the Capitulation Law – October 26, 196419 – the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, met with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mr Haider al-Abadi; and advised him very clearly on being very careful when dealing with the American Empire:

“Meanwhile, you should be careful about the Americans’ mischief and never trust them.”

“The US created ISIS themselves; but, now that the terrorists were beaten by the Iraqi people and government, they pretend to align themselves with this great change; although, they will undoubtedly use any opportunity to strike Iraq again.”

Imam Khamenei in a meeting with Iraqi PM Mr Haider al-Abadi, October 26, 201720

The statements we have seen from Imam Khamenei regarding America are filled with insight and wisdom. Understandings that are lost on the leaders of that Empire out of Washington DC and their lackeys be they in London, Paris, Riyadh, Manama, Tel Aviv or elsewhere.

This is the second observation, and the one I wish to end this paper with; that when a person reflects on history – and indeed Quran teaches us to examine history:

“There have been examples before you. Journey in the land and see what the fate of the liars was. This is a declaration to the people, guidance and an admonition to the cautious.”

Quran, Surah Aal-i-Imraan (3), Verses 137-13821

Imam Khamenei has also said about historical events and how important they are if they have lessons within them – as many do:

“When a historical event carries a lesson with it, then the passage of time does not change things, and we should learn that lesson.”

Imam Khamenei, November 3, 201522

That is but one instance when the Quran and the senior teachers of history tell us to examine history, and learn from those who came before us, that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, which we do better.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

When we look at the position of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding America, be it regarding the terrorism that is promoted and supported and indeed manufactured by America, to the manner in which the American’s have treated any international treaty and body – be it the Algiers Accords23, the JCPOA – the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal24 and many others.

America is known not to honour its agreements, and even when it honours agreements on the surface, it finds and seeks out ways to undermine them from behind closed doors.

The Saudi Regime – and any other regime – that has allowed itself to become subservient, to capitulate to the American Empire; need to understand and understand categorically, America cares for no-one, it honours no-one, it is an entity that is built on theft and oppression, a nation built on genocide25. It is parasitic, it is addicted to Empire, and wants more and more; while at the same time having the desire to be loved and respected.

There is a discussion by some scholars and in some books of Islamic Eschatology of a system known as Dajjal26; this system creates a particular scenario – where it renders the truth as falsehood and makes falsehood appear as truth. This sums up the American Empire to a tee.

America has no problem in fabricating huge lies and making the world believe it in order to force a certain country to deter (Image courtesy Pure Stream Media)

America has no problem in fabricating huge lies and making the world believe it in order to force a certain country to deter (Image courtesy Pure Stream Media)

So to quote the words of Imam Khamenei, when he explained on November 3, 2015, the nature of the American Empire:

“One of the things that the Americans have done in recent years is to force some people into beautifying the face of America and pretending that even if the Americans were an enemy once, they are not an enemy today.

“They shed tears as well! During the nuclear negotiations, it was witnessed that an American official said, ‘I have hated wars since my youth’, and then he cried.

Imam Khamenei, November 3, 201527

The World needs to be aware of the schemes of the American Empire; it will not rest, it will persist, it will corrupt you if it is in its interests and if you are not on guard. It will use its mass media machinery, controlled primarily by its General, the Occupying Regime in Palestine. Its purpose is to ensure you see the truth as falsehood and see falsehood as truth.

Many countries of the world are in a state of capitulation, they have given their sovereignty to feed their desire for American commodities; be they in the form of “iPhones”, or “burgers”, or “clothes” and such; they have enslaved themselves to organs of the Empire such as the Cinema, or TV or other such entities. They have allowed their values to be stripped away and reorganised by the mass media, which renders that which is known to be immoral as a normal part of the human existence and much more besides.

This document has now gotten far longer than was initially expected. Therefore, I will stop here at this time; suffice it to say, that everyone needs to choose if they will be from those who learn from history or those who ignore the lessons of history and are therefore condemned to repeat said mistakes.

And from God alone, is all ability and success, and He is the Most Sublime.

Due to the length of this article, I have now decided to make a text-to-speech version available, so that it can be listened to as well as read, for the convenience of the viewer.

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Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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