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Five days ago, on November 14, 2017, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, one Samantha Power, said something in a tweet that while on the surface was sentiment that was long overdue, but given who was saying it and how much said person contributed to the carnage, it came across as duplicitous in the extreme.

The tweet read:

Samantha Power Tweets about ending support for the Saudi Coalition as for some reason now "Enough is Enough". Link is

Samantha Power Tweets about ending support for the Saudi Coalition as for some reason now “Enough is Enough”. Link is

Now on the surface, this tweet seems quite reasonable. A person, from the previous administration (though the perception gets different when one understands the seniority of said person’s position, but more on that later), expressing disdain at the carnage being unleashed on countless innocents by the Family of Saud led coalition (it should be noted that this is talking about Yemen, though for whatever reason the name of the country Yemen is never mentioned).

Ms Power makes her tweet in response to the tweet by the editor of the United Nations and global affairs blog, UN Dispatch, one Mark Leon Goldberg, who relays that the United Nations spokesperson has said that since the November 6th, 2017 blockade on Yemen, all humanitarian flights to Yemen have been blocked.

Couple of things that need to be discussed here; firstly, the fact that siege and blockade of Yemen, didn’t start on November 6th, 2017; rather this has been a policy enacted by the Saudi Family at the behest and with both tacit and full support of their allies – including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel as well as the so-called “Arab Coalition”2.

This siege, this genocidal war against Yemen, didn’t start recently; this has been an ongoing scenario; which escalated to a full-blown war against the people of Yemen in March of 2015. For what reason? They chose to take their own destiny into their own hands.

Now, this paper isn’t going to discuss the history of the Yemeni scenario; that has been well documented; and while the plethora of fake news and lies seems to portray a very one-sided story, that shows the Saudi cult as somehow being the saviours of Yemen, the truth is there for those with eyes to see3.

So, why does the statement made by Samantha Powers have such a disgusting taste to it? Well, let’s not forget her words regarding Aleppo4; when she attempted to “shame” those against the foreign terrorists that had infiltrated Syria and were murdering and raping the population; but during all that carnage found the time to make perfectly choreographed recordings indicating that it was somehow their last day in Aleppo5. This is the same Samantha Powers who supported the attempt made by the bulk of the world to go against the will of the Syrian people and to remove the president that the vast majority of the people of Syria had voted in – President Dr Bashar al-Assad6; and that too an election when the country was fighting a war imposed on her by the entire world. A war supported and backed by the likes of Ms Samantha Power.

During the Syrian war – and no I won’t call it a civil war because it wasn’t and has never been a civil war – people like Samantha Power advocated for genocide against the people of Syria – but cloaked it under the guise of humanitarianism; profess not to want genocide and other such things. Thank God that the Syrian Government and Army, the Resistance Factions such as Hezbollah, as well as Iran and Russia didn’t buy the lies and falsehoods spewed by the likes of Samantha Powers during her monologues at the United Nations.

So now, enough about Syria or elsewhere; let’s talk about Samantha Powers and her responsibilities from the time she came to power in 2008 with the Obama administration.

She joined the State Department transition team in 2008, but she had in fact been working with Obama throughout his presidential campaign and resigned in March 2008, after apologising for referencing Hilary Clinton as a “monster”7.

She has served as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights on the National Security Council from January 2009 thru February 20138. In April of 2012, then President Barack Obama appointed her to serve as the chair of the newly formed “Atrocities Prevention Board”9.

So, according to her biography on Wikipedia10, Ms Power, during her tenure, her office focused on such issues as United Nations reform, women’s rights, religious freedom and religious minorities, refugees, human trafficking, human rights, and democracy, including in the Middle East and North Africa, Sudan, and Myanmar. She is considered to have been a key figure in the Obama administration in persuading the president to intervene militarily in Libya.

So she was supposed to be someone working for the helping of humanity, the chair of a group that had an official purpose of preventing atrocities and since genocide is an atrocity, she was supposed to stop such things or at least do whatever she could.

Yet during her tenure with the Obama administration, she supported – nay, she encouraged Obama to destroy Libya, a move that was fully in sync with the whims and desires of one Hilary Rodham Clinton, known affectionately as the Butcher of Benghazi11.

Libya Intervention - (Artwork courtesy Carlos Latuff -

Libya Intervention – (Artwork courtesy Carlos Latuff – @LatuffCartoons)

Also, let’s not forget, the war against Yemen, started overtly in March of 2015 when Ms Power was still part of the Obama Administration. She was the US Ambassador to the United Nations for more than three years. She was the US Ambassador to the UN when the Saudi-led (but American, British, Israeli sponsored) carpet bombing of Yemen began in earnest in March 2015.

Yet, at that time, she didn’t see it fit to condemn the Saudi massacres; including the horrific funeral hall massacre in Sana’ in October of 201612. Yet at that time, Ms Power didn’t see it fit to say “that the US should stop supporting the ‘Saudi-led’ Coalition that was massacring people (in Yemen)”; no at that time, it wasn’t prudent because she was on the payroll of those doing the bombing and supplying the weaponry. Now, when she is out of office, she speaks out against the atrocities that she was supposed to prevent during her time in office, but that she rather enabled!

This is the core of the problem. When you have a system of government, that while professing to be democratic while crying crocodile tears for atrocities around the world – atrocities I hasten to add, committed by the same government that then cries for them when they are brought to the attention of the world through the independent media.

However, when said people are no longer dependent on the Military Industrial Complex for their daily bread, they speak out – but at that time they lack any ability, any clout to stop said genocides, said atrocities; so their words ring hollow, and they sound like the hypocrites they actually are.
Had Samantha Power had an ounce of credibility, an ounce of decency, and if the plea she made in favour of Aleppo had any validity and truth to it; then she would have made the same sort of plea against the Saudi led – but American, Israeli and British paid for and armed – bombing of Yemen, not just of the Funeral Home in Sana’a, but of countless other bombings.

If she actually cared for humanity and not her bottom line or her career, she would have resigned in protest at the crimes being carried out by her Foreign Secretary, Hilary Clinton, or that her boss, the President, who had won a Nobel Peace Prize at the start of his term, was responsible for a drone war against the people of planet Earth that put even the mass murdering nature of George W Bush to shame13.

Now, I’m not interested in whether Samantha Power actually, genuinely believes what she had tweeted on November 14th, 2017. It means very little now; she doesn’t have the position to prevent it, however, when she was in a position to condemn it and have some meaning behind said condemnation, she failed, rather she worked to help further the Saudi, Zionist agenda in Yemen. Perhaps, she made a weak anti-Israel statement in 200214 – which she has completely disavowed15, but the fact that she did nothing to alleviate the pain of the suffering billions across the world speaks volumes to the sincerity and honesty of Ms Power.

The bottom line is this; the system is broken. A person might have the best intentions when they run for office in the United States, but the manipulation by AIPAC, SAPRAC16 and other such organisations that control the whims and desires of the elected officials in America and their counterparts in the Western World. The workings of the Zionist lobby in the United Kingdom have been well documented as of late17.

Trump and Clinton vying for who loves the Zionists More – Cartoon by Carlos Latuf (@LatuffCartoons)

As long as such lobby groups are allowed unfettered access and essentially operate with unlimited budgets, no real change will be effected out of the Western World (or anywhere such a system is in play). Any whimsical notion of democracy should be thrown away; there is no democracy in Washington or London, they are plutocracies and the rule of the lobby groups. The people might feel that they control their destinies through the ballot box, but the liars and hypocrites that change their tone when they come into power – and as per Ms Power, change it back to something else when they are no longer in authority.

The only solution is for there to be legislation to outlaw such lobby groups; there needs to be legislation to ensure that no external party except the desires of the electorate are what is enacted by the governments that represent them. Anything else amounts to nothing short of a dictatorship by another name.

Ultimately, the people in power, in authority, need to know and accept and believe that they are accountable (as is everyone else of course, but the ones in power more so). They need to learn from the words of one of the wisest leaders to ever grace the face of the earth18:

Be it known to you, O, Malik, that I am sending you as Governor to a country which in the past has experienced both just and unjust rule. Men will scrutinise your actions with a searching eye, even as you used to scrutinise the actions of those before you and speak of you even as you did speak of them.

The fact is that the public speaks well of only those who do good. It is they who furnish the proof of your actions. Hence the richest treasure that you may covet would be the treasure of good deeds. Keep your desires under control and deny yourself that which you have been prohibited from, for, by such abstinence alone, you will be able to distinguish between what is good to them and what is not.

Develop in your heart the feeling of love for your people and let it be the source of kindliness and blessing to them. Do not behave with them like a barbarian, and do not appropriate to yourself that which belongs to them. Remember that the citizens of the state are of two categories. They are either your brethren in religion or your brethren in kind. They are subject to infirmities and liable to commit mistakes.

Some indeed do commit mistakes. But forgive them even as you would like God to forgive you. Bear in mind that you are placed over them, even as I am placed over you. And then there is God even above him who has given you the position of a Governor in order that you may look after those under you and to be sufficient unto them. And you will be judged by what you do for them.

Do not set yourself against God, for neither do you possess the strength to shield yourself against His displeasure nor can you place yourself outside the pale of His mercy and forgiveness. Do not feel sorry for any act of forgiveness, nor rejoice over any punishment that you may mete out to anyone. Do not rouse yourself to anger, for no good will come out of it.

Do not say: “I am your overlord and dictator, and that you should, therefore, bow to my commands”, as that will corrupt your heart, weaken your faith in religion and create disorder in the state. Should you be elated by power, ever feel in your mind the slightest symptoms of pride and arrogance, then look at the power and majesty of the Divine governance of the Universe over which you have absolutely no control.

It will restore the sense of balance to your wayward intelligence and give you the sense of calmness and affability.

Beware! Never put yourself against the majesty and grandeur of God and never imitate His omnipotence; for God has brought low every rebel of God and every tyrant of a man.

Let your mind respect through your actions the rights of God and the rights of man, and likewise, persuade your companions and relations to do likewise. For, otherwise, you will be doing injustice to yourself and injustice to humanity. Thus both man and God will turn unto your enemies. There is no hearing anywhere for one who makes an enemy of God himself. He will be regarded as one at war with God until he feels contrition and seeks forgiveness. Nothing deprives a man of divine blessings or excites divine wrath against him more easily than cruelty. Hence it is, that God listens to the voice of the oppressed and waylays the oppressor.19

And from God alone is all ability and He is our recourse in all matters.

Due to the length of this article, I have now decided to make a text-to-speech version available, so that it can be listened to as well as read, for the convenience of the viewer.

Samantha Power and the case of the Duplicitous Tweet

On November 14, 2017, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, one Samantha Power, said something in a tweet that while on the surface was sentiment that was…

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Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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