In His Name, the Most High

So this is where I get to introduce myself.  Who am I?

Shabbir Hassanally


To be honest, there’s not much to say.  I am a servant of God, Islamic scholar (though more a student than a scholar), a software engineer, a political commentator and analyst.

I am a Muslim1, following the Twelver Shia school of thought2, however, I focus extensively on unity between the Muslim schools of thought3.

My ideology4 is principled and connected to the line of Imam Khomeini5, the great reformer and reviver of Islam.  I continue to follow this line now under the leadership of Imam Khamenei6, the successor of the great Imam.

As a software engineer, I’m well experienced.  I’ve worked on projects – both large and small; commercially and voluntarily.

Amongst the projects I’ve worked on – though these are more my personal projects – are the apps the following:

  • Pure Wilayah (Resistance Media/News) (Android | iOS | WebApp)
    Pure Wilayah is a project started by a group of activists concerned with the portrayal of Islam and Muslims (and the middle east per-say) within the mainstream news media.We also found that there was a deficit of high quality applications and web-sites for the excellent content that is out there, and that debunks the lies and myths portrayed by the mainstream media.As a result, the Pure Wilayah project was started.

    For more information please see the comprehensive About Page and About the Apps

  • Press TV (Android | iOS)
    Press TV is a 24-hour English language news and documentary network, affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The channel is state owned but nevertheless, retains editorial independence. The channel is headquartered in Tehran, Iran.  The channel was launched in 2007.
  • Alalam TV (Android | iOS)
    Alalam is an Arabic language news channel broadcasting out of the Islamic Republic of Iran.   Like Press TV the channel is state owned by retains editorial independence.  Its broadcasts are available to over 300 million Arabic speaking people across the world, and the website (and mobile app) provide its content in English where possible.  The channel was launched in 2003.
  • IFilm (Android: ArabicEnglishFarsi | iOS: ArabicEnglishFarsi)
    IFilm is an entertainment network based out and broadcasting from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The original purpose being to present Iranian films and series to a global audience, dubbed into both Arabic and English and broadcast on either the Arabic or English versions of IFilm.  A Farsi-language version of the channel provides the content in its original Farsi (Persian).  The channel was launched in 2010.

I have also worked on many cloud-related projects, which is also what makes up my current 9-5.

For each of the projects above, I not only developed7 the mobile applications but also the API8.

I also edit books and articles, sometimes credited and sometimes uncredited.

And from God alone is all ability.  Peace.




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  1. A Muslim is a follower of the Islam.  Islam is an ideology that has for many years now been grossly misunderstood and misrepresented.  To understand Islam, Islam and the Contemporary Man, by Allamah Tabatabai might prove an excellent resource.
  2. See An Introduction to Shia Islam, the History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi’ism
  3. Some useful resources on the subject of Islamic Unity can be found here
  4. See Shia Political Thought by Ahmed Vaezi, Wilayat al-Faqih: its Meaning and Scope by Ayatullah Mishkini
  5. See Imam Khomeini’s Biography for more information
  6. See Imam Khamenei’s Biography for more information
  7. I only develop apps as native apps, though as of late have been looking at Xamarin to allow me to have a unified code base
  8. See What is an API