In His Name, the Most High

Over the course of the years, I have had the honour to deliver lectures – during Muharram and Arbaeen, and during the off-seasons.  Some of these lectures have been recorded and are made available here.


And from Allah is all ability and Tawfeeq5.

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  1. Dua are supplications, conversations, with Allah, these were delivered at the MKSI Leicester Centre as a series of weekly lectures for five weeks, from September to October of 2014
  2. ‘Ubudiyyah is servitude to God, to the divine.  This lecture discusses the subject in some detail, but naturally, a single lecture cannot cover this vast subject.
  3. This is a supplication that is recited each night after breaking the fast.  To learn more please see Reflections on the Supplication of Al-Iftitah by Mohammad Ali Shomali
  4. The word Shahr means ‘month’, due to the sacred nature of the month of Ramadhan, it is always mentioned with reverence and respect and so is not mentioned alone, either Shahr (month of) Ramadhan or ‘The Month of Ramadhan’
  5. Tawfeeq means the ability and opportunity to achieve success, made possible by God’s grace and permission.  From an Islamic perspective, all activities that a person is able to perform, are done with God’s grace and permission, and their success depends on Him providing that ability.  The subject is naturally a lot more detailed than this, but this provides a simple (albeit incomplete) explanation.