The administration of US President Donald Trump has approved the resumption of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia which critics have linked to Riyadh’s killing of civilians in Yemen.

An activist and Islamic scholar believes that the US move is “farcical” and a “strategic mistake”, adding that Washington should realise it cannot continue to do business with a “Wahhabi terror entity” such as Riyadh.

“I think this is another insane move of the [US President Donald] Trump administration. When you put a person like Rex Tillerson in charge of the State Department, stupid things will happen. What America needs to realize is that Saudi Arabia is essentially Daesh in a suit… And giving weapons to Daesh is going to end up with these weapons coming back to haunt you,” Shabbir Hassanally told Press TV in an interview on Friday1.

He also noted that the mainstream media is hiding the “carnage” that Saudi Arabia is carrying out in Yemen, asserting that the Saudis are not only causing physical damage but also injecting the Wahhabi mentality into the impoverished Arab country.

However, Hassanally said, the Saudis will be defeated in Yemen despite all the weapons the United States and Britain are throwing into the hands of the Al Saud.

He added that the United States should step away and let the people of Saudi Arabia do whatever is necessary to remove this “illiterate” ruling family.

The activist also said that Saudi Arabia’s days are numbered and it will “cease to exist when Yemen is free.”



  1. This interview was conducted by Press TV for its Top 5 program

Written by Shabbir Hassanally

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